XP – Lost Window?

For some reason, known only to the computer gods, every once in a while a window disappears. This tip should get it back for you.

  • Hold down the Alt key and keep tapping the Tab key until you get to the icon of the program you want.
  • Hit the Alt key and the Spacebar at the same time.
  • Press the M key and use the arrow keys to position the window to the right place and the Esc key when it is where you want.
  • Drag on the window edges to resize it as you like. (Caution: Do not use the Maximize button for this.)

Now the next time you open the window it should work correctly.

Actually, there are no computer gods of course, at least to my knowledge, somehow or other we must have inadvertently dragged the window beyond the accessible area of the screen. This doesn’t happen often thankfully but can be really frustrating when it does happen.

I have only used this myself in both XP Home and XP Pro but, I believe it works the same in older versions also.

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4 thoughts on “XP – Lost Window?

  1. Thank you so much!! My Ventrilo window had disappeared off my screen after switching out a different dual monitor and no other websites told me what to do. You’re advice was perfect, and something I’ll need to remember just in case. Thank you!

  2. This happens to me all the time when switching my laptop between a docked state with dual monitors and its “portable” state using the built-in display. I can get apps stranded from where they were last positioned in the docked state! I have been trying to figure this one out too, your tip helped for sure. Optionally you can right click in the taskbar and select “move” then use the arrow keys

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