Displaying and Printing Microsoft Word Paragraph Styles

While fooling around in Microsoft Word 2003 to work up something for the Broward Personal Computer Association, Inc. (BPCA) Word Processing Special Interest Group (SIG), I ran across how to display paragraph styles and how to print a listing of paragraph styles with their formatting.


First lets deal with displaying the paragraph styles. Displaying the paragraph styles is only available in Normal view, as far as I can tell. I did try the other layouts. If anyone knows of a way to do the same in the other layouts, please let me know.

  • Open the Word Document you are interested in.


  • Select Normal, from the View menu.



  • Choose Options, from the Tools menu and select the View tab.



  • Locate the Style area width box (it should be near the bottom of the tab).



  • Set the width to 1.0″. (either click on the box arrow until you get to 1.0″, or type 1.0″ in the box directly).


Result Sample


  • If the width set, by following the above, is too large or too small when you are viewing the paragraph styles, it can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the line that separates the style name from the text of the document.



Sometimes it is useful to print out the paragraph styles and their formatting. I frequently do this when I am trying to set up a template for a project, so that I can consistently apply paragraph formatting throughout the document.

Typically, I use very few styles but, the styles I do use are used consistently.

You can print out a list of the styles used in a doument by selecting Styles in the Print What section of the Print Dialog Box:

Print What

In my opinion, the use of styles is very important. Styles promote consistency and make documents much easier to edit.

More on using Styles to follow in future postings.