Four Technology Tips Feeds to Check Out

The list that follows contains some of my favorite Google Reader geeky tips feeds (not necessarily MS Windows only).

Check them out and let me know what you think.



This is part of the How-To Geek network, which has been mentioned here numerous times before. The difference is that TinyHacker shows only a very short tip summary, with a link to a more in depth posting.

Usually has several posts each day.

I usually check this feed every other day or so, to see if there is anything interesting.

Online Tech Tips


“Welcome to Online Tech Tips – a blog that provides useful computer tips in an easy to understand format.”

In my experience the above tag line contains the essence of why it should be added to everyone’s favorite tips feed list.

Usually one or two posts each day.

FriedBeef’s Tech


The main feed includes all categories such as: Firefox, Freeware, Productivity, and others.

Usually a couple of posts a week.


Once again a variety of categories, so something should be of interest.

Several posts each day.

Virtual Box and Windows 7 RC

After reading a few posts regarding VirtualBox, I decided to give it a try, and install Windows 7 RC to try out.

The posts that piqued my interest were from:

The How-To Geek (RSS Feed)

July 1st

Try Out a New Operating System the Easy Way with VirtualBox

July 7th

Use Virtual Box to Test Linux on Your Windows PC

Windows Secrets Newssletter

July 2nd (Paid Article – Langalist Plus) Test-drive Windows 7 in a virtual machine

I have tried VMware and Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007 SP1, with the Beta version of Windows 7, previously. I was able to get everything loaded, but could not get it to work with my DSL, nor my USB connection, so was limited in what I could do.

I downloaded VirtualBox v3.0.0.0 and installed it. Approx 15 minutes to install and configure. Then, I installed Windows 7 RC (build 7100) from the ISO I had downloaded. Everything works fine, in fact I wrote this post and published it using the Windows 7 RC virtual machine.

VirtualBox works well for me, so I recommend it.

My next thing, when I get the time of course, will be to try out the latest Ubuntu Linux, hopefully VirtualBox will make everything work for that also.

Microsoft Quick Reference Guides

Thanks to the TechCheatSheets RSS feed today, I found some good quick references for Microsoft software, in PDF format. They are available at CustomGuide.

The one in the feed was for Word 2007 specifically and appeared 07jul09 as

Custom Guide’s Word 2007 Quick Reference

The following is from the About page:


Tech Cheat Sheets is a collection of the best cheat sheets and quick reference guides on the web. Arranged by tags, you can subscribe to a feed for only the tags you want to monitor. Visitors can also give the listings 1-5 star ratings.

I also got the Quick Reference Card for Publisher 2007, which I use for my newsletters.

There are also Quick Reference guides for Mac and Adobe software available at CustomGuide.

Check out both of these resources, very helpful in my opinion.