TWAIN (Not Mark)

Last night I attended the Boca Raton Computer Society, Inc. (BRCS) Hardware / Software SIG. (

One of questions, related to scanners, was: Can someone explain what TWAIN is?

There was no internet access during the SIG, so it could not be looked up. There was a lot of speculation, the consensus being it is a machine language, used to communicate between a scanner and the PC.

I ran a Google Advanced search: what is twain -mark -mark

Here are some of the results that made some sort of sense to me:,,sid9_gci213232,00.html

I also found the following through Wikipedia; they are a little more technical:


I hope this helps anyone needing more knowledge about TWAIN.

If you know of any other information, that may help in understanding TWAIN and what it does, please leave a comment with a link below.

Four Technology Tips Feeds to Check Out

The list that follows contains some of my favorite Google Reader geeky tips feeds (not necessarily MS Windows only).

Check them out and let me know what you think.



This is part of the How-To Geek network, which has been mentioned here numerous times before. The difference is that TinyHacker shows only a very short tip summary, with a link to a more in depth posting.

Usually has several posts each day.

I usually check this feed every other day or so, to see if there is anything interesting.

Online Tech Tips


“Welcome to Online Tech Tips – a blog that provides useful computer tips in an easy to understand format.”

In my experience the above tag line contains the essence of why it should be added to everyone’s favorite tips feed list.

Usually one or two posts each day.

FriedBeef’s Tech


The main feed includes all categories such as: Firefox, Freeware, Productivity, and others.

Usually a couple of posts a week.


Once again a variety of categories, so something should be of interest.

Several posts each day.

Software Cheatsheets Resource

Just ran across a great posting from

14 Great Cheat Sheets & Posters to Make You a Software Wizard.

It has links for:

  • Microsoft Office 2007, Excel 2007, Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007 and Outlook 2007
  • Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Linux
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Twitter
  • and More

There are also links for other Cheatsheat sites, as well as for their own.

Very worthwhile to check out.