May 23, 2013 Freeware/Open Source SIG Summary and Links


The main topic for the session was Evernote, a cross platform note taking service.

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A short presentation was given:
May 23, 2013 Evernote Presentation

There are links to some resources for learning more about Evernote, towards the end of the presentation.

After the presentation, an active Evernote account was shown using, the Windows app, web login, and an Android smartphone and tablet. Several tools such as the Web Clipper and Clearly were also demonstrated.

Additional Link

I found a post from MakeUseOf, regarding some tools to use with Evernote, while writing this post:

7 Tools To Improve The Way You Use Evernote


Check out the presentation and links and let me know what you think. Just use the contact page:

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BPCA PortableApps Presentation

On Tuesday, January 29, 2013, I gave a presentation to the Broward Personal Computer Association, about Portable applications for the Windows OS.

Portable Applications for MS Windows from Steve Costello


The presentation is under a Creative Commons License shown on the next to last slide.

If you are with another computer user group and wish to use this as a basis of a similar presentation, go to the contact page of this blog, and request that I send you the notes.

Please include your name, title, the club’s site address, and any other information that I can verify.

Summary of Presentation

  • What a portable app is.
  • Why to use a portable app.
  • Where to get portable apps.
  • What I consider essential portable apps.
  • A practical demonstration of installing the Platform, and adding portable apps, to a blank USB drive.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Note: Updated March 20, 2013 to replace PDF copy, with a link to the Slideshare presentation.

Do you use portable apps?
What are your favorites, or what you consider essential?

Java – Security Alert from Windows Secrets

Windows Secrets Newsletter Free Content

In today’s Windows Secrets Newsletter (Comp Version), Woody Leonhard has a security alert “Remove Java from your browsers”.

In this alert he explains:

  • Why everyone should be concerned about Java
  • Removing Java from all browsers or turning Java off in each browser separately Continue reading