The Lifehacker Tech Dictionary

While going through my RSS feeds today I ran across this post:

The Lifehacker Tech Dictionary

The post contains short descriptions of a lot of common technology terms, with links to more in-depth posts, on their site.


Lifehacker is one of my favorite sites, with lots of useful information.

Let me know what you think about this post, and Lifehacker in general.

Also, do you use RSS feeds, and if so what do you use as your reader.

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Blog – Lifehacker

Occasionally, I will post about a blog I find interesting or useful. These blogs are not computer related necessarily.

The interesting blog for today is Lifehacker, which touts itself as a “Productivity and Software Guide”.

Typically there are multiple daily entries, mostly dealing with technology. Sometimes announcements of interesting technology, sometimes how to articles, etc. I usually check it out once or twice a week, as I find time and have yet to have a day when there wasn’t something of interest.

For instance, check out the September 20, 2006 post by Adam Pash “Download of the Day: tinySpell (Windows).

The post tells you about a Freeware cross-application spell checking utility. I have read it and followed the link and think this will be something worthwhile to try. If this works out for me, I will let you know in a later posting.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.