Microsoft Quick Reference Guides

Thanks to the TechCheatSheets RSS feed today, I found some good quick references for Microsoft software, in PDF format. They are available at CustomGuide.

The one in the feed was for Word 2007 specifically and appeared 07jul09 as

Custom Guide’s Word 2007 Quick Reference

The following is from the About page:


Tech Cheat Sheets is a collection of the best cheat sheets and quick reference guides on the web. Arranged by tags, you can subscribe to a feed for only the tags you want to monitor. Visitors can also give the listings 1-5 star ratings.

I also got the Quick Reference Card for Publisher 2007, which I use for my newsletters.

There are also Quick Reference guides for Mac and Adobe software available at CustomGuide.

Check out both of these resources, very helpful in my opinion.

Linux – Easiest Linux Guide Ever

With the recent end of Windows 98 support, there are likely to be a lot of computers that, though old, can still be of use when converted to Linux and the many applications that come with Linux distributions.

With this in mind, I thought I would pass on some information I ran across in my lunch time internet wanderings.

Scott Morris – SUSE LINUX Rants posted a book “The Easiest Linux Guide You’ll Ever Read – an introduction to Linux for Windows users”.

This guide is geared towards SUSE Linux 10.1, but is a good overall guide to installing and using Linux distributions in general. The guide is a 162 page PDF file and explains in a well thought out manner the similarities and differences between Windows and Linux. It contains information on both full Linux only installation and dual-boot installation with Windows, as well as touching on the “live” CD option of trying out Linux.

I suggest that if you have not tried Linux and you have an old Windows 98 machine, you at least download this guide and read it through, before getting rid of a perfectly useful piece of equipment.

I have been experimenting with Linux for over a year now, using the dual-boot option, on one of my home PCs and plan to convert an old Windows 98 machine to a Linux only machine in the near future, when I can find the time to get everything set up.

If you do end up setting up a Linux system, or even a dual-boot system, please let me know what you think and if Scott’s guide influenced you in any way. I am sure that Scott would also like to know, so let him know also.

Finally, if you really get into Linux and you are in the South Florida area check out The Florida Linux User Xchange.