TWAIN (Not Mark)

Last night I attended the Boca Raton Computer Society, Inc. (BRCS) Hardware / Software SIG. (

One of questions, related to scanners, was: Can someone explain what TWAIN is?

There was no internet access during the SIG, so it could not be looked up. There was a lot of speculation, the consensus being it is a machine language, used to communicate between a scanner and the PC.

I ran a Google Advanced search: what is twain -mark -mark

Here are some of the results that made some sort of sense to me:,,sid9_gci213232,00.html

I also found the following through Wikipedia; they are a little more technical:


I hope this helps anyone needing more knowledge about TWAIN.

If you know of any other information, that may help in understanding TWAIN and what it does, please leave a comment with a link below.