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I was checking for some information today, regarding the Thunderbird email client, and ran across the following site:

I get frequent questions from members of the computer clubs I am with, as well as from family members and friends, regarding various email clients. I think this site will be very helpful.

In addition to tutorials for specific email clients, such as Outlook 2003, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc., there is a General Email Tutorials section. This section has tutorials to help with email related issues: “… from troubleshooting and error codes to efficient spam fighting and email management.”

Hopefully, this site will be helpful for you too. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Email Rules and Cartoon

I follow PC Magazine on Twitter, which is where I found a link to the 09Apr09 Article “The 25 Golden Rules of E-Mail”.

I tweeted back that this should be required reading. Numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 15, address some of my pet peeves regarding email.

I thought the cartoon below from fit right in.

Gmail – Plus Addressing

I like that Gmail allows me to use “Plus Addressing”, because it makes it easier for me to organize specific incoming email.

According to the Wikipedia Gmail entry, Plus-addressing section, as accessed 12OCT06 :

Gmail also supports “plus-addressing” of e-mails. Messages can be sent to addresses in the form: where extratext can be any string. Plus-addressing allows users to sign up for different services with different aliases and then easily filter all e-mails from those services, however, a significant number of services do not support email addresses containing plus signs.

One I use all the time is, the first portion is not my real Gmail address of course. This is for when I am sending myself a backup of information done at work to my Gmail account, and I have a filter set up to automatically label any emails to with a specific label. More about Gmail filters in a post to follow.

I also use a plus addressed Gmail to sign up for things online, then if I have a problem or start receiving a lot of spam I can just set a filter to automatically delete any thing coming in to that address.

In effect plus addressing gives you unlimited disposable email addresses, at least I have not found anywhere that would not accept one.

I am sure there are some more creative ways to use plus addressing, and would like to hear from my readers about their different uses for this. Leave a comment on this or any post to let me know.

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