flickrCC – A Resource for Images Legal for Use on Blogs, Websites, Etc.

I was going through some of my RSS feeds the other day and oneĀ  from Wild Apricot (a non-profit technology blog), entitled “How To Find CC-Licensed Flickr Photos for Your Blog“, mentioned FlickrCC as an easy way to search Flickr by keyword and licensed use.

It looked interesting so I visited the site at .

I was impressed with the ease of use, as well as the information provided for each image found.

I searched for “pelican” with the Commercial check box checked. The first 36 thumbnails found are shown in the left hand pane, when you click on one of them the attribution information is shown in the right hand pane, along with the available sizes.

This is a quick and easy web app for getting photos with a creative commons license, for use in blogs, websites, newsletters, or experimenting with image editors.