Setting up a Mailto Link

I have been asked how I created the mailto link.

This is really simple to do:

To write an email link just create an anchor link like you would normally, but instead of http:// write mailto: and then your email address.

If you want to send to multiple people, separate the email addresses with a comma:,

Use a question mark after the final “To” email address to indicate you want more than just a “To” line. Then you specify what other elements you would like:

  • cc – to send a carbon copy
  • bcc – to send a blind carbon copy
  • subject – for the subject line

You treat the elements as name=value pairs.

To add multiple elements, separate the second and subsequent elements with an ampersand (&).

If I substituted for toaddress; for ccaddress; for bccaddress and An Email To Steve for Whatever, the result would be a blank email, with the field entries below:

  • To:
  • CC:
  • BCC:
  • Subject: An Email To Steve

Note:You might end up with a lot of SPAM, using the mailto, due to webbot scanning.

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