Portable Apps – Firefox and Firefox Portable Settings Part 2

This is a follow up of my 31AUG06 Portable Apps – Firefox and Firefox Portable Settings Part 1 posting, in which items in the General and Privacy settings were discussed.

Part 2 is concerning Content settings, subsequent postings will contain the information for the Tabs, Downloads and Advanced settings.

I use the same settings for both the local and portable versions, for the most part. See the tables below:

Firefox and Portable Firefox Contents Tab
Option Secondary Comments My Preferences
Block Popup Windows
Checked: Popup windows blocked.
Unchecked: Popup windows not blocked
Allowed Sites
A section to list exceptions to the above.
A very few sites, that use Popups are set up in both local
and portable versions I use.
Warn me when web sites try to install extensions or
Checked: Warning given if website tries to install
extensions or themes.
Unchecked: No warning.
At the time of the warning you can give permission or not.
A section to list exceptions to the above.
None, I always want to know what extensions or themes are
being installed.
Load Images.
Checked: Images loaded..
Unchecked: Images not loaded.
Checked, but if using Portable Firefox somewhere with only
dial up access I change this before accessing the Internet.
A section to list exceptions to the above.
For the originating web site only
Checked: Images will only be loaded for the originating web
Unchecked, not sure what the advantages or disadvantages
would be.
Enable Java
Checked: Java enabled.
Unchecked: Java disabled.
Enable JavaScript
Checked: JavaScript enabled.
Unchecked: JavaScript disabled.
More detailed JavaScript options.
Move or resize existing windows.
Raise or lower windows.
Fonts & Colors
Control default fonts and colors.
Default Font
Drop down of available fonts.
Times New Roman.
Drop down of available point sizes.
12 points.
More detailed font option controls.
Proportional: Serif: – 12 points.
Serif: Times New Roman.
Sans-serif: Arial.
Monospace: Courier New – 13 points.
Display resolution: 96 dpi.
Minimum font size: None.
Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections
above: – Checked.
Default Character Encoding: Western (ISO-8859-1).
Controls default colors.
Text: Black.
Background: Light Grey.
Use system colors: Unchecked.
Unvisited Links: Blue.
Visited Links: Violet.
Underline links: Checked.
Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections
above: Checked.

As you can see the Content settings, are rather involved and give you quite a bit of control. Try out different settings for yourself, to see what works for you; you can always put it back the way you had it.

Let me know what works for you that is different from my preferences, maybe it will work better for me also.

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