Plain Text Paste

I have been getting a lot of complaints regarding my admonition to copy and paste text from the web to keep it for reference.

It seems that many of those who have tried doing this do not realize that if you do a straight copy and paste to a word processor, the formatting is also pasted.

This is my fault, as I tend to think everyone works the same as I do.

To paste the text with no formatting, in most applications, select Paste Special from the Edit or Insert menu, depending upon the application and then select either Plain text or Unformatted text, again depending upon the application.

If you somehow have a word processor which does not enable you to do a Paste Special, another way around this is to use a text only editor such as Windows Notepad as the place you safe the text.

I have just been so used to using Paste Special with Word, Publisher, email, etc., that I thought everyone knew to do it that way.

Remember, if you do not understand something in one of my posts or things do not work the way I describe, just let me know and I will research it and get back with you. It is probably me not being clear in the way I did the posting.

Happy 4th!!!!

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One thought on “Plain Text Paste

  1. Thanks, Steve. I had to lear the hard way that simple cut and paste doesn’t always work well from the web, and certainly not from an e-mail to Word. E-mail info transfer took forever and sometimes Word would just give up and shut down on me. I was so pleased when, through experimenting, I finally found that it worked well to paste to Notepad, but am eaqually pleased that you have provided me with yet another way. Thanks for this, and all the advice you provided me, Steve. Love you blog – keep up the good work!Ronelle

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