More Interesting Internet Finds – WE June 14, 2013


In the course of going through the more than 200 news feeds, I often run across things that I think might be of interest to other user group members.

I have published Interesting Internet Finds monthly in the Boca Raton Computer Society’s Boca Bits monthly newsletter, and share them through the APCUG PUSH program with other computer/technology user group newsletter editors, for some time now.

Each month, I have many more than I can use, so have decided to start publishing some of those that were not used here.

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4 Tips To Make The New Gmail v4.5 Android App Easier To Use
Is the new Gmail Android App harder for you to use? This post should help make it easier again.

How to Share Data and Files Between Your Android Phone and PC
If you have an Android phone and a PC, you need to read this.

7 Ways to Ensure Your Loved Ones’ PC Will Never Need Fixing
Are you the family tech person? One or more of these should make things easier for you.

Do I need to have a separate data backup if I backup my system regularly
Leo talks about backup strategies.

Everything You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Google’s Voice Commands
I am going to start using some of these after reading this post.

Wireless Internet Access for Laptops
I know this is pretty basic, but the question does come up.

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