Miscellaneous – Rotate Pages in Adobe Reader

Have you ever received a PDF file, only to discover once you open it the pages are upside down?

This happens to me quite frequently at work, when multiple pages are scanned to PDF using a sheet feeder. If the paper is not in good condition, due to stapling or whatever, the scan is done from bottom to top and unless the full Adobe Acrobat is used can not be rotated before sending.

While this is aggravating, if you want to read the document directly from the computer, there is a way to do this without turning you monitor upside down or standing on your head.

The following directions apply to Adobe Reader v7.0.8, but should be similar, if not the same, in earlier versions:

To rotate left click on the Rotate View button twice.Rotate View Button Image

If the Rotate View button is not showing in your Reader window, select View on the menu bar, then Toolbars and make sure Rotate View is checked. (See image below.)
Rotate View Button Activation Image

If you are going to print out the file to read it, rotating is not necessary.

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2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous – Rotate Pages in Adobe Reader

  1. I don't know about the buttons being taken off. I use Foxit Reader https://www.foxitsoftware.com/products/pdf-reader/ now and don't even have Adobe Reader installed on my computers.I would try checking options under the view/toolbar menu, there should be something similar for rotating images, maybe one for rotating left and one for rotating left. If so you would just have to click in the appropriate direction twice.

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