Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice CALC – Association and Saving

I was recently asked two questions regarding Microsoft Excel files and OpenOffice.

“Why can’t I open an Microsoft Excel file, sent via e-mail, even though I have OpenOffice 2.0 installed?”

The person asking the question does not have Excel installed on their computer.

The most likely reason is that OpenOffice is not set up as the default for opening Excel files.

The easiest way to associate the .xls extension with OpenOffice in Windows XP, assuming that you have saved the file to your computer is:

  • Locate the appropriate file in My Documents or whatever else it was you saved it.
  • Right-click the file you want to open in a different program, and then click Properties.
  • On the General tab, click Change.
  • Click the name of the program in which you want the file to open.

This will make it so that any files with an .xls extension will not automatically be opened by OpenOffice CALC.

Note: Use the same procedure to change the association with other extensions and the programs you want to have them automatically open in.

“How do I save an OpenOffice spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel format, to send via e-mail?

This is much easier to answer.

When you are finished creating or editing the OpenOffice spreadsheet use the Save As and select the appropriate format from the drop down menu.

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