Links from the October 25, 2012 BRCS Freeware SIG

At the October 25th session there was a demonstration and discussion of screen captures, image resolution and Evernote.

Screen Capture

The Windows Snipping Tool and Irfanview were demonstrated, and other screen capture utilities were discussed. Links used for these are:

Snipping Tool Windows 7


Other free screen capture programs:

Vector Graphics, Image Resolution and Ask-Leo

A question about converting images from jpg to vector graphics was asked, and a Google search for an online converter resulted in trying out Vector Magic.

A practical demonstration with a simple jpg showed that this type of conversion does not give very good results.

The discussion then led to image resolution and Leo Notenboom’s posting:

Attendees were advised to sign up for the ask-leo email newsletter to get similar tips and information on their own twice a week.


As, the resolution posting came from my Evernote notebooks, there was a discussion about obtaining and using Evernote, as well as a practical demonstration of how I use Evernote.



There will be no BRCS Freeware SIG sessions in November 2012, nor in December 2012. The next session will be January 24, 2013.

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