Internet – Ixquick Search Engine

Today I read the posting September 1, 2006 “Search Engine Embraces Privacy” on Sandy Berger’s Blog “Keeping It Short and Simple” and the related Compu-Kiss article “Ixquick Search Engine Embraces Privacy”.

I was intrigued enough by these, to try out Ixquick myself; from what I have seen and experienced so far I think that I will be using this myself, along with my current favorite Google.

My reasons are not so much privacy related. If the Justice Department really wants to know my surfing habits, I am sure they can find out by other means anyway.

I like the star system to show the relevancy of the search results, see the Compu-Kiss article for more details. As Ixquick is a Meta Search Engine, you are actually searching multiple search engines at the same time and the stars indicate how many of those turn the result up in their top 10.

All in all, at this point, I think the Ixquick Meta Search Engine, is well worth trying out.

Once you have tried it out, let me know what you think.

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