Interesting Internet Finds – WE May 2, 2014

I publish Interesting Internet Finds monthly in the Boca Raton Computer Society’s Boca Bits monthly newsletter, and share them through APCUG‘s PUSH program  with other computer/technology user group newsletter editors.

Each month, I find many more things than I can use, so have decided to start publishing some of those that were not used for the newsletter on this blog most Fridays.

I do not go into much depth about each one, I just put them out there for you to check out yourself.

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Titles, Links, Short Description

Skype Loves Bringing Groups Together – With FREE Group Video Calling
Some great news, only for desktop now though. Up to 10 in a group, like Hangouts.

Drive-by Download Dangers
Bob explains what drive-by downloads are, their dangers, and precautions to take.

How to Deal With Internet Bandwidth Caps
Do you have a bandwidth cap with your ISP? If so, HTG has some information for you in this post on how to deal with it.

Get A Disposable, Secure Email Address On Demand. For Free.
Besides the one listed in this post, you will find similar sites in the comments. Some times a disposable email does come in handy. You might even be able to get some from your email provider for use until, it gets too much spam.

Computer Problems Plague Everyone – Even Me!
Make yourself feel good by reading this post by Sandy Berger, a longtime technology guru and journalist. She explains that even someone of her level occasionally has computer problems.


I have not necessarily checked each link or process out, but if listed I have used the site enough to trust them.

That said, please let me know if something doesn’t work correctly, or the listed site has incorrect information.

Feedback Requested

Were any of these helpful for you?

Have you had any personal experience, good or bad, with anything related to the above links?

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