Interesting Internet Finds – WE June 13, 2014

I publish Interesting Internet Finds monthly in the Boca Raton Computer Society’s Boca Bits monthly newsletter, and share them through APCUG‘s PUSH program  with other computer/technology user group newsletter editors.

Each month, I find many more things than I can use, so have decided to start publishing some of those that were not used for the newsletter on this blog most Fridays.

I do not go into much depth about each one, I just put them out there for you to check out yourself.

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KeePass vs LastPass – Comparing the 2 Best Password Management Tools
If you have heard of KeePass and LastPass or not, this post from GuidingTech compares the two. You should check this out and use one or the other if you don’t currently use a password manager, or you just might want to change from your current one once reading this. A password manager is important these days.

Picasa Tip: Smile! It’s Auto-Awesome
If you like photos and use Google Plus, you need to read this tip from Picasa Geeks. Even if you don’t use Google Plus, check it out, it may be just the push you need to start using it.
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Going Paperless: 3 Way I Capture Where I’ve Been with Evernote
I don’t travel much myself, but if you do and use Evernote Jamie tells you three ways he keeps track of his travels.

Presentations Evolved: 4 Alternatives To PowerPoint & Keynote Compared
Do you make presentations, but would like an alternative to using PowerPoint or Keynote? If so, check out this post by MUO comparing four of the many alternatives available.

Adobe PDF Guide – Everything You Wanted to do with PDFs
I get a lot of questions about PDF files during my Freeware SIG (Special Interest Group). This post says:

The PDF guide is a compilation of the best tools and web apps for creating PDF files, combining multiple PDFs, filling forms online, signing PDFs and more.

It shows you don’t have to have the Adobe application to work with PDF files.


I have not necessarily checked each link or process out, but if listed I have used the site enough to trust them.

That said, please let me know if something doesn’t work correctly, or the listed site has incorrect information.

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