Email Rules and Cartoon

I follow PC Magazine on Twitter, which is where I found a link to the 09Apr09 Article “The 25 Golden Rules of E-Mail”.

I tweeted back that this should be required reading. Numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 15, address some of my pet peeves regarding email.

I thought the cartoon below from fit right in.

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One thought on “Email Rules and Cartoon

  1. oh my goodness….Rule Number 2. I just wrote about this not too long ago on my blog about a friend who constantly sends me her crazy email jokes and chain letters. And it’s true what PCMag says that people, for the most part, are too nice to say anything about getting these types of emails. What really is bothersome—on top of getting at least 30 to 40 of these pointless emails a week from my friend, is that she doesn’t even have the sense to delete all of the (countless) additional email addresses where these email jokes originated from. Sometimes more than half the page is just addresses! Honestly, who has got the time for that nonsense?

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