Webmail Security Presentation

I have posted some presentations given to different computer user groups on Slideshare, and am now revisiting some of them, and will be posting others too.

The Webmail Security Presentation

This presentation was given to the Broward Personal Computer Association (BPCA), back in 2008, but I think it is still of value.

Webmailsecurity Apr08 from Steve Costello


Check it out and let me know what you think. Is it still relevant, or does it need updating.

C:\BPCA News March 2013

Broward Personal Computer Association LogoC:\BPCA News
The Monthly Newsletter Of The Broward Personal Computer Association, Inc. (BPCA)

The March 20113 issue, is now available in PDF format:

BPCA is an organization dedicated to education and entertainment for people who use personal computers, in Broward County, Florida.

Boca Bits – March 2013

bocabits_small_header-halfThe March 2013 issue of the Boca Raton Computer Society Boca Bits newsletter has been posted at http://brcs.org/bocabits/bb03_13.pdf

Some of the Contents

  • President’s Message
  • I Love Free Software Dot Com
  • The Seventh Son Of Windows
  • The Mac Corner
  • Speccy: Another Useful Utility
  • Interesting Internet Finds

Check the BRCS website, for more information: http://brcs.org/