Freeware – Foxit Reader 2.0

I ended up with a problem while I was away. I did not take my laptop, only my 1 GB USB Drive loaded with portable versions of Firefox, Thunderbird and

The problem was that the computers available in the business center wher I was staying did not have Adobe Reader, in any version, installed. I was therefore unable to open any PDF files.

I went looking around and found Foxit Reader 2.0 for Windows from Foxit Software

I downloaded it to my USB drive, double clicked on the FoxitReader.exe file and was able to access PDF files to my heart’s content and even fill in interactive forms, without having to install anything. On top of that it is much faster loading than Adobe Reader, in my experience.

Note: The paid version with enhanced capabilities does have an installer and writes to the registry, at least that is my understanding.

The free version does not have all the capabilities of Adobe Reader, but for the price and my uses, it is very adequate. I must say that I also have the full Adobe Acrobat 7 application on my main computer, with which I can generate PDFs and manipulate them, as well as just read or fill in interactive PDFs.

If I keep having no problems opening and reading PDF files in the next few weeks, Foxit Reader will become my default PDF reader.

Give this a try and you might be using it as your default PDF reader as well.

Portable Apps – Firefox and Firefox Portable Settings Part 3

This is a follow up of my 31AUG06 Portable Apps – Firefox and Firefox Portable Settings Part 1 and
07SEP06 Portable Apps – Firefox and Firefox Portable Settings Part 2
postings, in which items in the General, Privacy and Content settings
were discussed.

Part 4 will be concerned with the Advanced settings, and will be the final posting regarding the Firefox settings.

The version of Firefox being used at the time of this entry is


The Tabs tab, appropriately is where what the tabs do or don’t do, when using the tabbed browsing feature in Firefox. The following is a table, showing the different options and my preferences, which are the same whether using the standard or portable version of Firefox.

Firefox and Portable Firefox Tabs Tab
Option Secondary Comments My Preferences
Open links from other applications in:
Radio Buttons:
a new window
a new tab
in the most recent window
the most recent
A new tab in the most recent window.
Force links that
open new windows to open in:
Radio Buttons:
the same tab/window
as the link
a new tab
A new tab.
Hide the tab bar
when only one web site is open
Check Box:
Checked: Hidden
Unchecked: Showing
Select new tabs
opened from links
Check Box:
Checked: Selected
Unchecked: Not Selected
Warn when closing multiple
Check Box:
Checked: Warned
Unchecked: Not Warned
I am reminded that I have more than one tab open, so that I can
Bookmark what I want to get back to, in case I have not already
done so.


The Downloads tab contains controls for the handling of where the files are downloaded
and what can be done with them automatically.

Downloading a file and then finding it later is a problem for a lot of the users I know, so
I recommend that a specific folder be created and all downloads, of whatever nature, be set to download to that folder. Personally that is what I do and going even further, once my downloading is complete, I set up sub-folders within that download folder to organize and make
them easier to locate months or years down the line.

Firefox and Portable Firefox Downloads Tab
Option Secondary Comments My Preferences
Download Folder
Radio Buttons:
Ask me where to save
every file
Save all files to
this folder: (Offers a
button to select a folder in Windows Explorer
Desktop and Laptop
I set to save all downloads to a folder named Downloads on my
partition, to make easier to find after download.
USB Drives – Ask where to save every time, as I don’t know
what computer I will be using or what the USB drive letter will
be, usually have saved to the USB Drive for portability.

Show Download Manager
when a download begins

Check Box:
Checked: Shows
Unchecked: Does not Show
Close the Download
Manager when all downloads are complete
Check Box:
Checked: Closes Download Manager upon completion of download
Unchecked: Leaves Download Manager open until Firefox is closed.
Download Actions
(Set to automatically download or open
files of certain types.)
View & Edit
Actions Button
Whatever the default for the extension is.
Change Action Options When downloading files.
Radio Buttons:
Open them with the
default application (Shows what the default option is)
Open them with this application: (Provides a Browse
Save them on my
Use this Plugin
Whatever the default for the extension is.

If you have any questions or ideas for a better way to set up the options, please
leave a comment with this post.

Freeware – tinySpell

This is a follow up to the September 21, 2006 post Blog – Lifehacker, after which I have tried out the tinySpell “Download of the Day”.

This little application has been a real help to me when using Notepad or NoteTab Light to draft my blog postings emails and drafts for newsletter articles.

There are two versions tinySpell and tinySpell+, the first being freeware and the second an enhanced version, which will remember the last error, let you added auto-replacements and lists of words to the dictionary, checks capitalization, ignores internet and email addresses, etc.

I have been using the freeware version.

I have turned off the beep notification, and just rely on the tinySpell icon in the system tray to turn yellow and catch my eye.

When the icon turns yellow, I just left click on it and it comes up with a list of suggested corrections, from which I can choose or be allowed to add the word in question to the tinySpell dictionary.

I have been impressed with this little application and recommend it to others as an option for those applications that do not have their on spell checking capabilities. Also, I have seen no conflicts with the spell checkers in Microsoft Word, Publisher and OpenOffice Writer.

The link for the version I have used and written about above is There are links to several reviews there as well.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

If you have some other helpful application and you think I should check it out, leave me a comment with all the particulars and maybe one day there will be a posting about it.