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My name is Steve Costello.

This blog is a consolidation and continuation of blogs previously on Blogger. It contains information related to computers, technology, and user groups.

As the groups I belong to are primarily Microsoft Windows oriented, the main focus will be on Microsoft products. Occasionally, reference is made to Android, Apple, Linux, or some other technological products, in which case it is categorized as same.

Also,  there will be posts directly related to the various computer/technology groups, again, these posts are categorized as such.

Posting Frequency

Posts average 2-3 times per week.

Category Breakdown


This category contains items not specifically related to user groups, and has the following sub-categories:

  • Android – Posts specific to Android products
  • Apple – Posts specific to Apple products
  • Internet – Posts related to browsing, and on-line apps
  • Linux – Posts specific to Linux
  • Microsoft – Posts specific to the Microsoft operating system and products
  • Portable Apps – Posts related to portable applications

User Groups

This category contains items specifically related to user groups, and has the following sub-categories:


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